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The Best Places To Visit In Lebanon

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23 May

The Best Places To Visit In Lebanon

The Best Places



Lebanon is one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East. The fascinating allure that Lebanon has is rooted in its rich history. 


As time passed by, Lebanon only flourished and prospered. But even so, the remnants of the country’s opulent past are still palpable. The exotic beauty of Lebanon is timeless – the main reason why more and more tourists are getting lured into coming to this Lebanon.


And if you have plans on visiting Lebanon as well, as early as now you must already check the best hotels in Lebanon so you will have a good stay in the country. There are lots of hotels in Beirut as well – the country’s capital – it will be convenient for you if your hotel is near famous landmarks as well.


Speaking of landmarks, here are some of the best places that you can visit while you’re in Lebanon:


American University of Beirut


AUB is actually the most prestigious university in the city. The historic establishment has botanical gardens, a bird sanctuary, and a private beach within the 61-acre land. The archeological museum in the university is a must-see as well for it’s the home of important and ancient relics and artifacts from the past.


National M​useum of Beirut


There are over 100,000 different medieval artifacts that are unearthed and kept in the NMB. It actually has the world’s most extensive collection of Phoenician artifacts – there is a Phoenician ship displayed in the museum as well, and the bronze statue of Reshep actually dates back to the 19th -18th century BC.


Our Lady of Lebanon


Many people take a trip to Harrissa to see the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon up close. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Lebanon. It overlooks the city of Jounieh – people from different religions come together to the exquisite beauty of the Lady of Lebanon.


Raouchè Sea Rock


One of Lebanon’s pride and famous natural landmark is the Raouchè Sea Rock. It has a unique shape and appearance – you can look at it from atop and then go down the water to swim, or take a water taxi so you can sail through the rocks.



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